Mike Morgigno

About Mike

I am here to help you transition to the next stage of your journey. Why should you let me help you? For the first word in the previous sentence. I know my why for what makes me get out of bed every morning to do what I do. When you know you’re why, nothing can stop you. And nothing will stop me from getting you to the next chapter in your personal story!

In order for you to let me in to one of the biggest financial decisions of your life, I should let you in on what led me here.

I am a born and raised New Yorker who graduated from SUNY Oswego with a marketing degree. I actually came across Real Estate from my partner Liz who is a part of DKC Realty. The moment I went with her to my first meeting, I developed an urge I had no idea existed before.

I immediately saw what my personal future could look like. And to get where I want to be by seeing the look on clients face as they hand the keys over or grab new keys is priceless for me. Knowing my clients will let me in to such a raw, vulnerable, exciting part of their lives honestly brings me such excitement and happiness. We all have an urge to connect with people and real estate allows me to truly connect with you all on a much deeper level.

What makes me the expert you are looking for?

With me as your guide you have commitment. When you need a question answered I am there. When you are getting cold feet or are scared I am here to talk and coach you through. I am your rock through this process. All you have to do is let me in and I will give back 1000%.
The reason I chose this Brokerage is because of the training and care my brokers provide for me. You can be rest assured that if anything comes up that I need help with, I have the most successful people in the industry that will jump right to our side and and get tagged in when necessary.

What do I do in my free time?

Free time for me isn’t common these days as I am working hard for my clients! However, in my free time I love music. I was actually originally a Music Education major from SUNY Fredonia with my main instrument being the Euphonium. Yes, I understand you don’t know what that is and I will be happy to tell you if you want to know!
I am also teaching myself piano, and once I am in a comfortable spot I would love to learn Saxophone especially for Jazz. Fun fact – My grandfather gave me his saxophone that he bought in the 1920’s for less than $10!
I also love to run. I wake up at 4:30 AM to go to the gym. My 3 year goal as of 4/01/19 is to run the NYC Marathon. Wrote the date to keep me accountable!

And I also can’t forget about dogs. I love dogs so if you have any I cannot wait to meet them!

When you decide to work with me, you become a part of the DKC Family. Part of my family. I look forward to becoming a part of yours (if you will let me!) as we get you where you want to be.

Email me at mikedkcrealty@gmail.com or call me 631-988-9686