Danielle Collins

About Danielle

Representing NYC homeowners and future homeowners, Danielle is committed to listening, guiding and successfully helping accomplish the goals of all her clients. She has strong leadership skills and interpersonal communication skills. One can say that she really understands people.

Danielle, a second generation realtor, makes it a priority to listen to her clients’ needs and negotiate on their behalf to ensure a successful transaction. She stands out from others with her livelihood, aggressive marketing and tactics, persistence, consistency, and amazing personality.

She graduated Cum-Laude from SUNY Potsdam with her Bachelors Degree in three short years, which goes to show her how determined she can be when she wants to get something done!

She has become an esteemed realtor and all her past clients can attest to that just by her quality of work and level of knowledge. She prides herself on keeping updated with the market and learning from real estate veterans like her broker and other trusted professionals to properly educate her clients! She considers education an important part of her role as a realtor, for both her buyers and sellers.

“Real Estate is a passion of mine because I can learn and grow every single day, I like a challenge, better yet, I love conquering them. It’s a pleasure of mine to educate those around me about the power of ownership and much more. Ready or not to do something in real estate, I am still making time to sit down and educate. I enjoy what I do and I am fulfilled with the smiles I put on faces everyday.”

Want an easy conversation starter with Danielle? Here are some suggested topics:

social media, dance, crab legs, small dogs, motivational speaking….. and Real Estate.

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Danielle Collins

Direct: 347-302-2307

Office: 718-676-1371

Email: Danielledkcrealty@gmail.com